Accounts Receivable


While accounts receivable financing can be beneficial for all size companies providing goods and services on credit; it is especially true for rapidly growing businesses and companies that do not qualify for traditional financing.


Financing accounts receivables allow companies to convert open invoices to cash by pledging the receivables as collateral for cash advances or by selling them through a process called factoring.


If a bank loan isnít an option for your business, accounts receivable may be a viable option.


Accounts receivable financing is usually easier for a business to obtain than other types of capital financing. It is a type of unsecured business financing option that does not require any collateral in the form of assets and guarantors.


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K-WAM Financial Solutions asset based lending provides companies with greater liquidity and flexibility than a traditional commercial bank loan. We understand that in businesses that grow, cash does not always flow (the way we would like).

Thatís why K-WAM Financial Solutions underwrites asset based loans primarily on collateral, not on cash flow. We provide a bridge to the future and help our clients that need alternative to traditional banks. Our team provides small-business financing that works for fast-growing, undercapitalized middle-market companies.

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