Capital Project Financing

Capitalization Program for Large commercial Projects

Benefits of the 100% Financing Program
  • Three year payment holiday – deferred to a flat balloon payment at the end of the loan term
  • Flat annual payments (optional)
  • 100% Project financing
  • 100% financing of operational capital and fees
  • No personal guarantees
  • The project is not encumbered by a mortgage
  • The program requires an equity position
  • All net program expenses are reimbursed and/or paid by the program at the time of funding
  • No net fees to the project-No draw fees, No interest Payments during project build-out and/or construction
  • No oversight during or after funding (subject to program terms and conditions)
  • Specialists involved have a history of funding this type of program
*Independent project consultant fees apply and are billed separately.

Eligible projects:

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities (Assisted Living and Nursing Home), Physicians’ Offices and Labs, Resorts and Hotels, Casino, Golf Course, Timeshare, Condo, Energy projects, Oil and Gas, Coal and Alternative Energy Projects; Debt Consolidation, Cruise Lines, Mining, Business Expansion and Manufacturing. Minimum Funding Request Requirement: $250K (USD); Typical range is between $1M and 500M.