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Planning for a merger or acquisition but don't have the capital? Secure capital and the best financing terms for your merger or acquisition with K-WAM. K-WAM has all the knowledge and experience you'll need to get a loan. If we can't get you a loan, it will cost you nothing!
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Your lendable assets include accounts receivable, raw/finished inventory and machinery & equipment. For private and public US companies across all sectors, K-WAM has the knowledge and experience to make it easy for you to get asset-based loans. If we can't get you a loan, it will cost you nothing!
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K-WAM is your go-to resource for capital project financing in the range of $1M to $500M. Typical projects include: hospitals and healthcare Facilities, physician offices and labs, resorts and hotels, casinos, golf course, condos, oil and gas or coal and alternative energy projects, cruise lines, etc.
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Need working capital? New contracts? Difficulty obtaining traditional funding? Need equipment? Payroll and expense management, construction? Experiencing rapid growth? Short operating history? Let K-WAM make it easy with Contractor Financing. If we can't get you a loan, it will cost you nothing!
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K-WAM Financial Services offers a streamlined lease approval process that maks things easy on you to get any type of equipment lease. Finance up to 100% of the equipmen cost and write off 100% of your lease payments. Up to $250K lease can be approved in less than 24 hours.
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If a bank loan isnít an option for your business, Accounts Receivableis an option to consider. Let K-WAM make it easy for you to raise capital by converting your accounts receivables to cash. Big businesses have long used this method, but it's for small businesses too. If we can't get you a loan, it will cost you nothing!
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While banks typically offer conventional lending and financing, K-WAM Financial Solutions provides alternative finance solutions for Logistics and Distribution including purchase orders, transportation, import and export financing. Let K-WAM make it easy for you when banks say "no".
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if youíre a business owner that has a strong business but no specific assets or collateral, or are just not comfortable with offering collateral, consider applying with K-WAM Financial Solutions and get a decision for your business in minutes and even qualify to secure a loan within 24 hours!
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K-WAM Financial Solutions is a resource for companies seeking financing to start, sustain and grow their companies. Our traditional and alternative financing programs support the financial needs of companies across all industry sectors.

We have the experience, knowledge, integrity, and willingness to help your organization accomplish its financing objectives.

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We can Help:
  • Provide capital to help you execute on contracts
  • Alleviate the shortage of working capital
  • Provide funding for accounts receivable
  • Replenish inventory levels to fulfill orders
  • Provide financing for new and used equipment
  • Restructure debt
  • Fund commercial projects and real estate development
We can help when traditional lenders are unable to provide financing. K-WAM Financial Solutions has partnering agreements with selected banks, credit unions, insurance companies and investors around the world.